Conscious Creators

For a long time, I have tried my best to support small businesses with a purpose that are run by incredible people- especially Muslim women and minorities in general. As I discuss ways to fine tune our spending on my blog, it only felt fitting to highlight some of my favorite companies so that you can support them, too. 

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Black willow handcrafted soaps

Black Willow Handcrafted Soaps is owned and run by my friend Melissa Mouchref- an educator, bee-keeper, an Arab American Muslim woman, and entrepreneur. 

Black Willow works to provide high quality, handcrafted personal care products that don't contain synthetic dyes, perfumes, or carcinogens, as most personal care products on the market do. All of Black Willow's soaps and products are rated '0' on the toxicity rating scale, are all hypoallergenic and food-grade.

Help Melissa keep the momentum going and give some thought to a more naturalistic approach to personal care.